Icon-diversity-workshopsAWRA runs one-day Gender Diversity Capability Workshops designed to assist your organisation by coaching you in strategies required to attract, recruit, retain and reap the benefits of a gender diverse and inclusive workforce.

Learn how gender diversity and inclusion can make your organisation an employer of choice and gain a competitive edge within the resources and energy industry recruitment marketplace.

The workshops are intended for HR and other professionals who are responsible for diversity and inclusion in their organisation. They are also suitable for small and medium business owners who wish to learn more about gender diversity and increase the participation of women in their workforce.

Participants are given the proactive coaching needed to increase the gender diversity of their respective organisations, allowing them not only to gain a competitive edge within the resources and energy industry marketplace, but also to become an employer of choice.

Topics covered in the workshops include:

  • Why gender diversity is a business imperative
  • How to develop a diversity strategy
  • Strategies to attract and recruit women to their organisation; and
  • Retaining skilled women through Employee Value Propositions, such as professional development opportunities and flexible work arrangements

Key Activities:

  • Presentation of information
  • Group discussion
  • Interactive activities
  • Case studies


  • 6 hours

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