FORTESCUE has recently opened a facility to help employees handle the balancing act of work and family life.

The ‘Fortescue Family room’ is a new child care facility in the company’s Perth office. This is a free service for employees and is part of a wider diversity plan seeking to help their employees balance their work and family responsibilities.

CEO Nev Power said the development is a way to foster an encouraging environment for diversity.

“We know, and the research confirms this, that stay at home mothers and part time working women offer huge untapped potential for individual businesses and the economy more broadly,” he said.

“Creating a welcoming and encouraging environment for women directly enhances Fortescue’s success by improving its diversity. We want to make real change by providing practical solutions to support women and parents in the workplace.”

Linda O’Farrell, General Manager of Fortescue People, said that the on-site service provides short term care for children of employees.

Ms O’Farrell also said that Fortescue are exploring the various services the crèche can offer, including offering the 24-hour integrated Operations Centre employees night time supervision of their children.

As well as offering the family room, Fortescue also has a networking opportunity for women returning to work called ‘Business Update’. The events are hosted by the CEO and 150 employees have attended the three offered.

“The Business Updates are a great opportunity to talk about how Fortescue is supporting a diverse workforce, while also hearing directly from the community on how we can assist women returning to work,” Mr Power said.

Fortescue also partners with One Tree in Port Hedland to provide family day care units for its Port Hedland based team members.

Fortescue’s female participation rate increased to 17.3 per cent of the workforce at the end of June 2017.