The Australian Women in Resources Alliance (AWRA) is a national workforce gender diversity initiative delivered by Australia’s resource industry employer group, AMMA.

Since 1918, AMMA has been delivering superior workforce services to Australia’s resource industry; AWRA is just one more example of their dedication to the development of the industry. In 2011, AMMA built AWRA in response to the growing aspirations of AMMA members to increase the representation of women at all levels in their organisations.

AWRA’s charter is to assist employers on their gender diversity journey with the overarching goal to increase women’s participation in the resources, allied and related construction sectors to 25% by 2025, thus delivering a diverse mix of skills and talent to drive productivity and innovation.

AWRA facilitates programs and provides support and guidance materials that help employers attract, retain and develop female talent, build their gender diversity capability, become an employer of choice for women and realise the advantages of a gender diverse workforce. Through a range of support programs, AWRA can help you to navigate the challenges of workforce diversity to achieve positive outcomes.

AWRA supports employers to realise the benefits of a diverse workforce

Individual support is also provided to women working across Australia’s vast resource industry in both professional corporate roles and those out in the field, through the AWRA e-Mentoring Program.

With the importance of a diverse workforce being highlighted more than ever by organisations such as the Diversity Council of Australia, the various initiative that AWRA runs can benefit the productivity, quality and safety dividends of your organisation through greater workforce diversity.

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