Icon-AWRA-RecognisedBe Recognised as a Preferred Employer for Women

AWRA Recognised™ organisations* are eligible to display the appropriate AWRA stamp reflecting their achievements in gender diversity and women’s workforce participation, importantly identifying them as leaders in this field.

Bearers of an AWRA Recognised™ stamp proudly declare the benefits and the competitive advantages of workforce diversity, and their commitment to striving for industry ‘best practice’.

To be able to utilise an AWRA stamp, organisations must undergo an assessment of their workplace policies, procedures and, most importantly practices, to assess the organisation’s capability maturity against best practice management of workplace (gender) diversity.

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The assessment to become AWRA Recognised™ is based upon a rigorous and recognised model of diversity capability, and goes beyond traditional “HR-centric” metrics to assess more broad business dimensions with clear links to organisational profitability and sustainability.

The assessment outcome will provide concise feedback on your organisation’s current diversity strategy, and together with the capability maturity model will help you to plan the changes necessary to reap the rewards of a gender diverse workforce.

Different organisations are at different stages of their journey toward best practice, and AWRA chooses to recognise how far they have come, rather than how far they have yet to go.

*The AWRA Recognised™ Program is based on the “Diversity Program Review Framework™” (Moore, S 2012) incorporating the “Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World” (O’Mara, J, Richter, A 2011)

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